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There’s no denying that moving day can be dreadful, what with all the factors to consider such as time and cost. Plus, there is the packing process that you need to take care of. You need to be prepared if you want to spare yourself a headache while moving. This means setting a schedule for packing and a separate one for the moving process.

There are some pieces of furniture that need special care during the moving stage. When a couch or dining table is too big to fit in a truck, there are times that they need to be transported by another vehicle. This also applies to properties that are too heavy and need a heavy-duty truck to transport them safely to their destination.

Additionally, some furniture and appliances are classified into a separate service altogether. This has always been the case when you want to move your piano without encountering troubles during the moving phase. Like appliances such as refrigerators and ovens, a piano requires extra hands and muscles to budge it from its place. There’s also the issue of fitting it into the door frame without scratching it in the process. There are many factors to consider and depending on the size of the instrument, it usually requires more than three people.

There are actually various piano movers in South Florida, but you need to make sure which ones have a good reputation and are not doing a half-baked job. You need to get help from a piano moving service company that comprises a team of professionals specializing in piano moving.


Piano Moving South Florida

South Florida Piano Moving Service

If you’re looking for a reputable piano moving service in South Florida, then this is for you. From long-distance moving to labor only services, we pull all the stops in ensuring that our client’s furniture and appliances are safely transported before, during, and after the move. Our South Florida piano moving service ensures that your piano is safely loaded into our transport vehicle and arrived without so much of a scratch to its destination.

With years of experience in moving household and office furniture, appliances, and equipment, our team is specialized in packing and moving these items with professional care. This is the same case for hard-to-move pianos. We have a team in charge of this type of superior moving, so rest assured that your piano is safely taken out from the house.

Piano Professional Movers South Florida

Americas Movers aims to exceed the expectations of our clients. We want to build a working relationship with you, based on trust. These will not be possible if you are not satisfied with our services. This is why we give our 100% in performing the best service that you will not find elsewhere!

Our reputation as a dependable and prompt moving company in South Florida has become our foundation in constantly improving our services to accommodate the needs of our clients. Expect to get the best moving service from our trained and experienced professionals. As mentioned, we will provide you the teams who are mainly in charge of moving your piano. We are also more than willing to help it place in your new house’s designated area.

We will take care of your belongings as if they are our own. We will provide required papers for the move and get the best people in our roster of skilled and professional movers to handle the moving process.

Get yourself the best piano movers in South Florida, only at Americas Movers, the most reputable moving service in the city.

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